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What Does a Title Agency Do?

Updated: Mar 15

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There is a lot that goes into buying and selling property. One missed step and you could put yourself at great risk. 

See, a title is a legal term that encompasses all the rights, uses, and privileges of buying and owning a piece of property. In other words, the title to your property is a big deal — and you want to ensure everything is done right. 

This is where a title company and its team of title agents come in. They help ensure that a real estate transaction goes through successfully and without any issues. 

But what does a title agency actually do?

Title Search

Once a contract is signed to purchase a property, the title company will begin to move forward with a title search —a deep dive into all the records of the subject property dating back to its beginnings. 

The title search reviews the chain of title to the property, ensuring that there is no one who has rights to it other than the one selling it. Of course, it also confirms that the seller has the legal right to sell the property, too. 

Title searches look through public records to see if there is anything that could impact the title, such as judgments, liens, outstanding taxes, bankruptcies, easements, encroachments, and the like. 

Any issues attached to the property need to be handled before the closing — or else they will be transferred with the property to the new owners. This may mean obtaining payoffs of judgments, liens, and outstanding taxes so that they can be paid before the property changes hands.

Title examiners and title agents from your chosen title company are the ones who perform the title search and address any potential issues. They do what they can to make sure it is clear to close. 

Because you want to make sure this is done thoroughly and properly, you want to work with a trusted title company. 

Title Insurance

After the title search is done, your title company will offer you title insurance. They will provide you with a title commitment, reflecting the results of the title search, and then offer you insurance. 

What is title insurance? 

Remember, a title search be extensive. Sometimes things get missed or deeds are forged, missing wills are found, and unknown heirs appear. There are so many things that can arise after you take title to a property. However, title insurance can protect you from a huge financial loss and devastation. 

You will be offered two policies – one that protects you and one that protects the lender if there is one. These require one payment at closing and you will be protected for as long as you (or your lender) have an interest in the property. 

Title insurance is purchased from your title company. 

Closing and Escrow

While there is a lot that takes place from the time you sign the initial contract, getting everything in order for the closing and handling escrow is quite a task. Many title companies will take on the role of closing agent and escrow officer, too. 

They gather and organize the documents, making sure that everything that has needed to take place has been done — and everything is in order for the transfer. They hold onto the good faith deposit and will coordinate the closing between both buyer and seller. 

Closing agents will have all the documents properly signed and notarized and will then transfer the funds from the buyer to the seller. 

Because there is a lot at stake with real estate transactions, title companies are careful to confirm that every step has been taken so that the transfer is proper and legal. 

And, when it is all done, they will have the documents recorded within the local county records to publicly reflect the transfer. 

Learn More About What Blue Pointe Can Do

Whether you are in the process of buying or selling your Michigan home, Blue Point Title Agency can guide you through every step — from the contract to the closing and everything in between. A title company’s role in your real estate transaction is to make it as smooth and seamless as possible, so that is exactly what we do. 

Contact us today at (517) 258-1511 to get started.



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