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New Construction Title Insurance in Michigan

New Construction Title Services

Blue Pointe Title provides new construction title insurance in Michigan. When Michigan home buyers are purchasing a newly constructed single-family residence or condo in a just-built development, they may wonder why they need to pay for title insurance on property that has never been owned.

While buyers may be the first owners of a new construction residence, chances are there were prior owners of the land upon which the residence was built. A title search with Blue Pointe Title Agency is the safest way to discover if there are any liens against the original land.
As an example, let's say that the developer, in constructing the home, has failed to pay a supplier or contractor. It's possible the injured party will – or perhaps already has – filed a lien (known as a mechanics lien) against the property.
Additionally, so that there is no question as to ownership in the future, it should be verified that the land in this brand new construction was properly subdivided, and that the owner’s new home is on the correctly identified lot.
Last but not least, new construction title insurance may cover mistakes made in the County Recorder’s office. If an existing lien was filed but not found due to a clerical error, the new property-holder might have challenges in defending against a lienholder’s legal action, if there weren’t a title insurance policy in place covering the property.

One of the goals at Blue Pointe Title Agency is to help real estate agents maintain the trust they have built with their clients. Emphasizing the importance of new construction title insurance in connection with the purchase of a newly-built home is a good way to protect their property interests, thereby strengthening productive customer relationships.

Hear From Our Clients

We've been closing with the Blue Pointe team for the last few years. They provide outstanding service for my clients and I highly recommend them. Top notch service!

- Joe Smith, Lender


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