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Michigan Title Insurance Agency

Experienced | Proactive | Reliable

Since 2018, Adrian, MI based Blue Pointe Title Agency has been committed to providing our clients with outstanding service during every step of the closing process throughout Michigan.

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Blue Pointe Title Agency

Why choose Blue Pointe Title Agency for your next title insurance need?  Because we treat everyone as if they are our only client.   Large request or small, your needs and your experience will be a priority to us.

How We Help Our Clients

Residential Title Insurance

Commercial Title Insurance

New Construction

A residential title insurance policy protects mortgage lenders and home buyers against defects or problems with a title when there is a transfer of property. Blue Pointe Title can help.

Commercial title insurance offers commercial property buyers, lenders and others protection against losses from certain title issues that may arise. Trust the team at Blue Pointe Title.

Construction of a new home has the potential exposure to unique title pitfalls that may impact the lender and owner. Learn how Blue Pointe Title can help protect your investment.

Why Choose
Blue Pointe Title

Close Anytime, Anywhere 

Experienced Closers

Serving All of Michigan

Highest Quality Service

Taking the Key

Skip the Bank with Blue Pointe Title ePay


Paper checks and wire transfers can finally be a thing of the past with Blue Pointe Title ePay! Now, delivering funds for your next real estate transaction is easier, safer, and quicker than ever.

See what Blue Pointe Title ePay offers:

  • Fully Electronic, Encrypted, & Secure

  • Initiate a Transfer within 90 Seconds

  • Connect to Any Financial Institution in the US

  • Never Share Routing or Account Numbers Stay Informed with Email Notifications

  • Receive Refunds or Commissions

  • Accessible 24/7


Connect Through Innovation with ZOCCAM

Take manual delivery, deposit & document management out of your closing process. Reduce risk and transaction time while increasing security and transparency. Create trust in the transaction by authenticating the borrower’s identification.

Blue Pointe is proud to partner with ZOCCAM to support our clients:

  • Value Reinforcement and Brand Awareness

  • Decreased Liability by Following Pillar 3

  • Faster Sales Cycles

  • Cost Savings

  • Consumer Empowerment and Transparency Savings



Experience and client service are at the heart of what we do at Blue Pointe Title Agency. Get to the know team that clients in Michigan rely upon everyday to meet their title insurance and closing needs.

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